Life's Milestones

Going From Print to Digital 

When the print budget ran dry at New York Life Investments, they wanted to leverage their existing brochures to pivot to a fun new interactive format.

Sometimes creating something new means disassembling something old. The first step was a content audit. I devoured every edition of the brochures and noted common elements. What worked. What didn’t. What we could adapt to an interactive format.

The next step was to develop a theme – Life’s Milestones to center the design around. I finalized the process with user research, pulling out the most frequently accessed bits of information from each brochure for the digital product.

My Role

UX Design

UI Design

Content Audit

User Research

Visual Design


The "Welcoming a Child" brochure in its digital format

Prototyping the Life's Milestones experience 

A Little Animation Goes a Long Way

Animating the icons on this project added that last little bit of extra polish to make the data come alive. My goal was to keep it simple and unobtrusive, to engage readers without distracting from the information being provided.


Reflections + Next Steps

What Did I Learn?

What works in print doesn't always work online. People rarely have the time or desire to read lengthy text. Breaking things up into small digestible pieces is where it's at. Making things scannable, allows users to find what they are interested in fast.

If they are used to that long-form content, they might miss having access to the entire piece. I solved this by providing the full brochures under downloads for those who wanted them. Making everyone happy is a win/win!