Trip planner

Planning Made Easy

For this project, I got the brief every designer dreams of. Pitching the features I want to see on our travel site as if we didn't have any budget limitations. Some of my favorite projects have come about when I've created something fresh and fun, then gotten management excited about it.

One of our user pain points was actually planning that trip. All those decisions: Figuring out where to go, where to stay, and what flight to take is a big task. And if you are planning with a group, getting everyone on board is no day at the beach.

So, I created a trip planner. The goal was an easy-to-use interface that lets people build custom travel packages. Old-school travel agent meets modern DIY tool.

My Role

Product Design

User Research

User Flow

Visual Design

UX Design

UI Design


This prototype, is pre-filled so you can get to the results page

The process

Creating a User flow

Trip Planner User Flow

User flows help you visualize all the steps 

Where Should I Go?

The trip planner will serve you up a few destination options, with a video and a brief description for each. You’ll learn why we choose this destination for you, and if your dates are flexible we’ll suggest the best times to go.

This is a great place to stop, save, share, and get feedback from your travel companions. Once you’ve chosen your destination, it’s time for the next step.


Top of trip planner results page

Where Should I Stay?

The trip planner will make a hotel recommendation based on your travel preferences, ratings you’ve made on the site, and what other travelers like you prefer. And if the hotel isn’t quite right, you can always see other options.

Picking your room using our trip planner

The Details Matter

Do you have something to celebrate? You’ll get options to make your occasion feel extra special. Other personalization features include adding meals or having groceries delivered upon arrival if there’s a kitchen in your unit.


Adding extras like activities and meals round out your trip

How Will I Get There?

The trip planner will help you choose the best flights, airport transfers, and/or rental cars. It makes getting everything you need easy and simple.

And once it’s time to buy, you and your travel companions can easily split the cost on multiple credit cards. Just like that, it’s time to pack your bags!


Taking care of the logistics is a snap

Reflections + Next Steps

What Did I Learn?

The best part of going to a travel agent is that they hold your hand through the process. People love the convenience of buying online but miss having the details taken care of. Figuring out how to add this to your e-commerce experiences, delights users.

Tools to get the people you are traveling with aligned are a must. Whether it's a big group trip or 2 people, getting people together to decide on the details is a challenge. Being able to share itineraries and gather feedback is helpful.

Getting people excited about an idea is easy, building it, not so much. The next step in this process is breaking it up into small iterative steps. It's important to get an MVP (minimal viable product) out in the wild for testing, before going too far.