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Currently Digging – The MJ vs Prince Edition

Currently Digging - MJ vs Prince Edition | www.trinidadpena.com

Let’s get to know each other shall we? Here’s what I’m currently digging – the MJ vs Prince edition. What are you into this month?

Listening to: In NYC, Keistar productions holds an amazing party called “Soul Slam – Michael Jackson vs. Prince” . It’s exactly what it sounds like — a party with all MJ and Prince music. People dress up and it’s the best time! This playlist is inspired by that party and I’ve been rocking it hard.


  • Mike Monteiro | F*ck you. Pay me –  Despite it’s foul-mouthed title, this video teaches a great lesson on the value of contracts. Freelancers it’s a must watch.
  • Law for creatives – On a similar note, I found this great source for contracts on all kinds of creative services. Check it out.
  • What is your cost per wear – Kristi from enCircled provides a cost per wear calculator so you can see how much your clothes really cost. Genius.
  • Lime-basil sangria – Yep, I’m bookmarking another post I wrote on The Budget Socialite because I really love this recipe. Try it and let me know what you think.

Loving: This bionic ear came out of a printer but can go on your head. It’s official. Science fiction has become real life and I’m in awe.

Drooling Over: My obsession with beets continues. Not only have I been making beet and carrot juice on the regular but this summer beet stack recipe from Wendy See Wendy Do is going to happen in my house. Oh yes, it is!

(Image Sources: The Budget Socialite | Law for Creatives | Keistar | Wendy See Wendy Do)

What are you obsessed with this month? Let me know in the comments.


Hourly Rate Calculator – A Tool for Freelancers

 FreelanceSwitch's Hourly Rate Calculator

Setting your hourly rate is a daunting task for many freelancers but once again, the internet comes to the rescue! This time in the form of freelanceswitch’s handy hourly rate calculator.

Let’s get calculating!

This nifty rate calculator takes into consideration your:

  • business costs
  • personal costs
  • how many hours you can bill
  • how much profit you’d like to make

It then tells you what your ideal hourly rate is and the rate you need to charge just to break even. You still need to consider what the going rate is in your neck of the woods and how much experience you have, but this is a GREAT starting point.

Once you know what your hourly rate is, it’s easy to create packages for your services simply by estimating how long they will take. Plug in the numbers into your custom contract and you are officially in business. Happy calculating!


Custom Contracts for Freelancers

Custom Contracts made easy by The Freelancer's Union

As a freelancer there’s a few things we kinda hate to do, but we have to do. Let’s face it, paper work blows! But as creative professional, you gotta suck it up and get it done. One of the worst parts is contracts…

I don’t need no stinkin’ contract!

Stop it, yes you do. I know all of that legal jargon is no fun, but it’s part of doing business. Thankfully the freelancer’s union has taken a bit of the headache away by creating this awesome custom contracts creator. You just plug in your info and it spits out a custom contract with all your legalese*. This tool is perfect for any kind of freelancer but especially writers, graphic designers, web designers, photographers, make-up artists, event planners the list goes on and on…

If you haven’t checked out the Freelancer’s Union’s site, you should mosey on over there. It’s a great resource and best of all free. They even have some healthcare options for independent workers, should tragedy befall you or… you know a cold.

*I recommend having a lawyer give your contract the once over, the first time you send it out. After that just customize the project details and you should be golden.