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Just My Type – Roboto Condensed

Why Limit Happy Hour? Just My Type.

I’m going to talk about 2 of my favorite topics today: Happy Hour + Fonts. Let’s start with Happy hour, shall we? Who says it only has to be an hour? Sometimes, I have to work late and well… other times an hour of drink specials and half-price appetizers just isn’t enough for this girl (stamps foot).

So I ask you:

Why limit happy hour to only an hour? I propose happy evening!
Who is with me? – Tweet It out, Yo!

Don’t put limits on my happy. Tell a friend. Write your congress people. Give a bartender the side-eye when they say it’s over. This is America, damn it! Let’s be happy all night long. Ok, that being said. On to the font – Roboto Condensed!

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed is a sans-serif font that is for the people!  What people? Everybody. Yes, everybody. It comes in 6 flavors. Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, and (you guessed it) Bold Italic. It’s sleek. It’s sexy and it wants to come home with you.

How to Brand Yourself with Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed is a chameleon font without being boring. It’s great for happy hour and great for banks. Who woulda thunk it?

You can use it with all the personality types: the Risk-Taker, the Authority and the BFF (for more on this visit: howtobrandyourself.com). It’s going to adapt to fit in with your other elements. So, if you use conservative colors and a conservative secondary font then you’re all Authority. BUT if you decide to go with trendy colors and a sleek font, then go on with your risk-taker self.

The other great thing about roboto condensed is that it’s condensed (says so in the name), which means you can fit more copy in a small space. I don’t recommend going too copy heavy, especially on the web but if you must… this is a great font to do it with.

The Font : Roboto Condensed
Number of Styles : 6
Classification : Sans-Serif
Go get it : Google Web Fonts, search for Roboto Condensed


Color Theory – Navy

Color Theory Navy

Last color theory post, I went with a trendy color neon — this time I went the opposite route with Navy. This classic color, keeps popping up in fashion (those navy-striped dresses are EVERYWHERE) and in interior design. But how do we incorporate this oldie but goodie into our branding? Let’s do this thing!

Images (Above): Sailor Girl | Urban Revision | Navy Walls | Kate Spade Ring | Striped Sweater

Color Theory Navy

How to Brand Yourself with Navy

Navy is timeless and a great neutral base color. Navy is great for creative types who don’t want to use black. It’s perfect for appearing steadfast, reliable and dependable. If your brand is a bit more on the cutting-edge side, you should pair this with a trendy color (like neon) and modern typefaces. It can be a nice backdrop for more vibrant colors.

If you are already on the classic side, then this color is all you. Navy looks great paired with gold, deep reds and of course, other blues. Pairing it with serif fonts, other neutral colors and conventional patterns (like a pin-stripe) is a great way to get a rich look. This is a great way to go for brands that want to appeal to a high-end consumer.

What do you think? Ready to go full-steam ahead with navy? (Sorry, I just had to get one navy pun in there. I couldn’t help myself, tee hee…)

Want more color theory? They are all here. See more images with this and all my color theory hues on my pinterest board.
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Images (Above): Sofia Identify | Inception Poster | Bella Collection Soap | Wedding Invitations


Just my Type – Playfair Display

Just my type

Drum roll, please! I’m excited to introduce a new design column on one of my favorite subjects typography called “Just my type”. As a designer, typography is one of my first loves and I’m eager to show you how your choice of typeface can really set the personality for your brand. I’m using google web fonts for this series, which means they are free and you can use them online without any trouble. Now onto the font.

Playfair Display in action

How to Brand Yourself Using Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a classic-looking serif font (Don’t know the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts? I have your back!). It takes some cues from old world fonts like Garmond and Times New Roman. This font is great for blogs and small businesses that want to give off a timeless vibe (as opposed to trendy or cutting edge). When used with a classic color scheme it evokes a sense of reliability, steadfastness and trustworthiness. It also is great for when you want to achieve a high-end look. Lots of luxury brands use classic serif fonts! Playfair Display pairs well with very linear sans-serif fonts like Helvetica Neue or Open Sans (another google font), which I used in the post.

The Font : Playfair Display
Number of Styles : 2
Classification : Serif
Go get it : Google Web Fonts, search for Playfair
Image : StraySouls