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The Secret to Getting More traffic from Pinterest

The Secret to Getting More traffic from Pinterest -  www.trinidadpena.com

I don’t know about you but I am OBESSED with Pinterest. I have spent way too many hours looking at pictures and pinning my little heart away, when I really should be doing something productive like working on my business or cleaning my house. Being the grand justifier that I am, I have found a business reason to be on Pinterest. It can generate a lot of traffic to your site. You definitely should be pinning your blog post images. You might pin another picture of a recipe while you are on there. You’ll probably never make this recipe. It’s okay — You are only human.

But How Do We Get People to Pin our Images?

The secret to getting more traffic from Pinterest is to get more people to pin your images. You can never predict what people are going to do, but there are 3 great ways to bolster your images pin-ability (I like making up words, tee hee).

  1. Use high quality images (Nobody likes to pin busted pictures)
  2. Make it easy for people to Pin your images
  3. Remind them about Pinning while they are reading your blog

This post is going to take care of those last 2. I’m sure you have seen that on some sites, when you hover over their images, a pin icon comes up. All you have to do is click, and you’re pinning. It’s easy and effective. If you haven’t seen this, hover over my post images.

The only other thing you could do, is actually sneak up behind people on the computer and whisper “You should pin that” in their ear. But that’s kinda creepy and pretty hard to implement on a large scale. You should just do the “pin it” thing instead. I promise, I’m not steering you wrong.

(Note: This tutorial is for WordPress since that’s my jam. If you use blogger, try this . I can’t verify its goodness but it’s probably a good place to start.)

Install the Plug-In

The plug-in that I’m using is called jQuery Pin It Button for Images. I tried a few different plug-ins and this one was the easiest to use + it didn’t conflict with my other plug-ins.

How to Add a “Pin It” Button to Your Images | www.trinidadpena.com

Customize it, Baby!

If you know how to use Photoshop, you can get fancy with it and create a custom button. I recommend making the button 100 x 100 pixels and 72 dpi.

If you don’t know Photoshop, don’t despair. Next week, I’m dropping a post with some ready-made buttons. You can use those as- is BUT I’m also going to give you the Photoshop file. So, you can customize it with your brand fonts and colors. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can always just download the trial version for next week’s tutorial. Update: the post is up!

If you already made your button or found a button you like online, follow the  “Install a custom button” instructions below.

Customize the button | www.trinidadpena.com

A Few Tips

  • Use your Alt tags! The plug-in will use this to populate the pin’s description, so make sure it really conveys what you want people to know. Be shameless and put your url in there too, why dontcha?
  • Try putting some text on your pictures. Let people know what your blog post is about. This will entice people to click to your site from Pinterest.

Congrats, you are on your way to getting more traffic from Pinterest . That wasn’t so hard, now, was it? Have any questions, problems or burning desires? Hit me up in the comments.

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