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Currently Digging – Jan 2013

Currently Digging - Jan 2013

Let’s get to know each other shall we? Here’s what I’m currently digging. What about you?

Listening to: My 90s Grunge playlist on spotify. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all emo on you. The nostalgia of this playlist is so much fun. Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilot and The Smashing Pumpkins. Yes!

Bookmarked: I’m re-doing my home office (hello chalkboard walls) so I pretty much live on Apartment Therapy and Houzz. The entire home-office section from Apartment Therapy is chock full of goodness.

Loving:  This really cute Oscar Party Idea from the glitter guide. If I wasn’t JUST coming off the heels of throwing a soiree, I might be tempted.

BFF in my head: I first discovered Simon Sinek on ted.com. His talk of How great leaders inspire action is a game changer. He’s cute as button, too.

(Image Sources: NirvanaApartment Therapy | The Glitter Guide | Simon Sinek)



Let’s Build a Fort!

Some days, you just wanna take it back to childhood. Having a rough day? Build yourself a fort and hide in it. Bonus: We can have wine in our forts now!
Let's Build a Fort!
(Image Source: lauratj.blogspot.com)


Election Day!

I voted! I voted!

I woke up early this morning and voted! Now more than ever, it’s  important to do our civic duty. Your vote DOES count. Even if you weren’t planning on voting, I urge you to get out there and push that lever!

On another note, aren’t these “I voted” pins by Nina Gibson Designs so adorable? They are available in her esty shop.

Image Source: Nina Gibson Designs