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Go-GetHer Branding

Go-GetHer Branding | www.trinidadpena.com

Whew! Another day, another branding project. I’m so excited to show you the Go-GetHer branding! This is the fabulous brain child of Christina Spann Whitehurst. She has this amazing idea for a new blog. It’s all about empowering women to reach their goals by example. I can’t wait for the blog to be live and running! It’s going to be so amazing and inspirational. Until then, sign up for her mailing list at go-gether.com.

For the Go-GetHer branding, we wanted a  clean and fun look. It needed to vibrant and full of energy since this brand has a risk-taker personality. My favorite part of the logo is the super hero cape! You know I love super heroes! It has just enough whimsy while still being professional. Christina was drawn towards a teal and red color combo and her instincts are right on the money! Those colors meld together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. Hmm, peanut butter and jelly… Great, now I’m hungry. While I make a sandwich, you check out the Go-GetHer branding and let me know what you think.

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Mood board: Look at the Bright Side

Mood board - Look at the bright side | wwwt.trinidadpena.com

This is a mood board outtake. The client decided to go in another (and equally awesome) direction. I can’t wait to show you that branding project. It’s killer. But it’s a story for another day,  today let’s talk about this mood board.

It’s a show stopper

The colors make it  bright and fun, but the white space keeps it sophisticated. It says “I do my own thing”. It makes me feel kinda like this.

This look and feel is perfect for a risk-taker brand personality. It’s meant to have a really clean design with bold (electric) pops of color. If you are a little avant garde, have a bold personality and like to make a statement, then this look is for you. I could see this fitting a fashion designer or no-nonsense life coach perfectly. This is for someone that you can’t help but notice.

Want to see more mood boards? Want to find your brand personality?. Looking for ideas for your BFF or Authority Personality? I got you.

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Have You Seen my Design Reel?

When I was designing my new site, I just knew that I wanted a video component but I had no idea what to do, or how to go about doing it. I decided to teach myself after effects and after countless hours (and a little bit of cursing), my design reel was born! Whatcha think? Check it out in it’s home at portfolio.trinidadpena.com

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