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Font/Color Combo – You can get with this…

Font/Color Combo - You can get with this | www.trinidadpena.com

I think you’ll get with this, cuz this is where it’s at – Tweet it out yo!

Today’s font/color combo is a 90’s flashback. I know you remember, Black Sheep! But just in case you are pretending that you are too young to remember, here’s a little reminder.

Let’s talk about this combo.

It’s a two-fer! With lyrics like this, I had to double up on the combos.

First up is the “You can get with this,” it’s a rock-star, risk-taker font combo. The thin san-serif font (what’s a san-serif font?) is Avenir Next. It’s sleek, contemporary and sexy. The thicker font is Anton. Not to be outdone by it’s waif-like companion, this font is bold and hits you like mack truck. It’s a risk-taker color combo too! No neutrals here. That yellow shows up like BOOM and screams: Notice me, read me, love me!

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Everyday I’m hustlin

Everyday I'm hustlin - www.trinidadpena.com

Happy Hump day! Sometimes running your own business requires that you go into full Rick Ross hustle mode. How are you hustlin today?

Everyday I’m hustlin: Being an entrepreneur requires constant hustle + a dash of sass! – Tweet It out, Yo!

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