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How to take good photos for your website

Word on the street is that you want to know how I shoot photos for the The Budget Socialite. And by the street, I mean facebook — because who just hangs out in the street, listening? Not this gal. Moving on, let’s learn how to take good photos for our websites! Weeee…..

Full Disclosure: I am in no way a professional photographer, this is just what I do and what I’ve learned about how to take good photos. I mostly shoot food so this is geared towards food photography, but I have also shot a few products the same way. Feel free to leave more tips and tricks in the comments or tell me I have it all wrong. It happens.

How to take good photos for your website | www.trinidadpena.com

Step 1: Get Suited up

Here’s the equipment that I use. I know plenty of people that set up their iPhones on a tripod and get great results. There are no rules to this game.


  • Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  • Lens – 18-55mm IS II (This came with the camera)
  • Lens – Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (Only $100) – I use this 85% of the time
  • Tripod – Manfrotto 190XPROB w/ the Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head
  • MacBook Pro – I connect my camera to my laptop while I shoot.
  • A few painted wooden boards as shooting surfaces. I loosely followed this tutorial. I have boards in white, teal, a natural stain, a medium stain and a dark stain.
  • A Reflector – I use a piece of white foam core that I picked up at Michael’s
  • Fabric – I hit up the fabric store and bought a bunch of pieces on clearance.
  • Props – Since I mostly shoot food, I have plates, serving dishes, place mats etc… that I got from thrift stores and random places on my travels.

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Facebook 101: Adding Social Media Feeds

How to add social media feeds to your facebook page

I recently added social media feeds to my facebook page because… well, I’m a fancy pants. You wanna know how it’s done? Of course you do. No problem. It’s really easy.

Adding Apps

You just have to add some apps to your facebook page. Click the links below, select which page you want to install the app on, and fill-in the info. That’s all she wrote. Social media feeds added! Seriously!

Custom Buttons

This is optional but since I’m all about branding, I created custom buttons for my social media feeds that match the look and feel of my site. I used photoshop CS6 but if you don’t have that, try the more affordable photoshop elements or even picmonkey for free. Just crop an image down to 111 x 74 px and use the same colors and fonts as your site.

To upload your new button

  1. Go your facebook page
  2. Click on “edit page” and “update info” at the top of the page
  3. In the sidebar go to “Apps.” Clicky, click!
  4. Click on “edit settings”
  5. Go to where it says “Custom Tab Image” and click change
  6. Upload your button

Move if ya wanna

Another thing you can do is change the order of the buttons. On your facebook page, click on the little boxed number + triangle that appears at the right of your currently displayed button. Now, you can hover over an app’s button and click the pencil icon that is in the upper right. Swap positions and move your apps until they fill you with joy. Please note: you can’t change or move the photos button.

That’s it. Now you are a fancy pants too!



Busting through Blocks

How to bust out of a creative block

A few weeks ago on my facebook page, I asked for suggestions on busting out of a creative block. My friends had a ton of great suggestions, because well… they are geniuses. So, of course I’m sharing the wealth. Here’s what they had to say:

Suspend Self-Judgment

One of the things touched upon was that blocks sometimes come from self-doubt and that doubt becomes stronger, the longer the block lasts. A great way to combat this is to focus on creating quantity over quality, which is the opposite of what creative people like to do. Just create, create, create without self-judgment and worry about the quality later. The benefit of this is getting out of your own head. Try working on an idea for 10 or 15 minutes and then move on. Once you have a few ideas fleshed out, you can usually find one to refine and perfect.

Get Out Your Own Way

Another suggestion that came up was taking a break from creating and doing something else. This is great advice. In order to be creative you have to go live. You have to be able to experience life and translate it to another medium. Socializing or planning an adventure can be the boost you need to get your creative mojo back. You can also try doing something else that’s creative but not in the same vein as where you are blocked. So if you’re a musician, try painting; if you’re a photographer, try some free writing. Other things suggested were:

  • Meditating
  • Exercising
  • Cooking
  • Spend time with other creative people
  • Reading

Seek Inspiration

The last tried but true method is to go out seeking inspiration. This can be whatever floats your boat. Some people find nature really inspiring, others like art similar to what they are trying to create, while others can vibe off a motivational quote. The world is chock-full of inspiration; here is a round up my favorites from that FB thread:

  • Visit art galleries/museums
  • Watch a few Ted talks
  • Listen to live music
  • Traveling to a new place
  • Go back to a place or song that got you inspired

I hope this helps you with your creative blocks. Happy creating, ya’ll!

(Image Source: Tumblr)