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Font/Color Combo – Whimsy

Font/Color Combo - Whimsy | www.trinidadpena.com


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Here’s a font/color combo that is friendly, approachable and modern. It’s perfect for a BFF brand personality. It reminds me of  getting an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day, after hitting pay dirt at a Kate Spade sample sale. Translation: My perfect day.

It’s all in the details

This color palette keeps it real! Real Simple. It is mostly neutral except for that rose color (#ad4866). It being so light and bright is what adds to the clean, high-end look. No competition here, that rose color is the star of the show.

Color palette - Whimsy | www.trinidadpena.com

The fonts are ITC American Typewriter and Avant Garde. American Typewriter is a bit old-school and it’s a serif font (What’s a serif font?). It’s where we get that friendly and approachable vibe. Your grandma would like this font. Unless your grandma isn’t friendly… If that’s the case, well–this is awkward. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen and keep on going. Avant Garde is a modern san-serif font. It ups the real estate value of everything around it. Yup, that font is money.

If your brand is friendly, a little whimsical and has premium pricing. This might be just the thing. A jewelry designer or lifestyle blogger could really rock out this font/color combo.

(Image Source: Polka Dot Pattern)

Want to find your brand personality? Looking for ideas for your Risk-taker or Authority Personality? I got you.

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Color Theory – Navy

Color Theory Navy

Last color theory post, I went with a trendy color neon — this time I went the opposite route with Navy. This classic color, keeps popping up in fashion (those navy-striped dresses are EVERYWHERE) and in interior design. But how do we incorporate this oldie but goodie into our branding? Let’s do this thing!

Images (Above): Sailor Girl | Urban Revision | Navy Walls | Kate Spade Ring | Striped Sweater

Color Theory Navy

How to Brand Yourself with Navy

Navy is timeless and a great neutral base color. Navy is great for creative types who don’t want to use black. It’s perfect for appearing steadfast, reliable and dependable. If your brand is a bit more on the cutting-edge side, you should pair this with a trendy color (like neon) and modern typefaces. It can be a nice backdrop for more vibrant colors.

If you are already on the classic side, then this color is all you. Navy looks great paired with gold, deep reds and of course, other blues. Pairing it with serif fonts, other neutral colors and conventional patterns (like a pin-stripe) is a great way to get a rich look. This is a great way to go for brands that want to appeal to a high-end consumer.

What do you think? Ready to go full-steam ahead with navy? (Sorry, I just had to get one navy pun in there. I couldn’t help myself, tee hee…)

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Images (Above): Sofia Identify | Inception Poster | Bella Collection Soap | Wedding Invitations


Color Theory – Neon

Color Theory Neon

Get Noticed with Neon

Color can really give a brand personality and this post’s color NEON, does just that. This color is really on trend in fashion, and with good reason. It screams notice me, notice me! It’s lots of fun to take part of your personal fashion sense and incorporate it into your branding. Let’s see how this season’s hot hue translates to design.

Prepster Diaries | Neon Belt | Neon Nails | Clutch | Neon and Snakeskin Heels

Neon makes branding materials pop

How to brand yourself using neon

Neon is an uber trendy color, so it should be used by brands that want to appear cutting-edge and youthful. Avant garde brands and creative types can really have fun with this color, using a lot or a little and pairing it with other bright colors.

If your brand is more classic, using a trendy color like this one can help keep your look relevant. You are going to want use this color sparingly and possibly as a accent or tertiary color that can be swapped out when it’s no longer trendy. Pairing it with neutral colors like grey and serif typefaces is a good way to retain the classic feel of your brand while experimenting with color

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