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Font/Color Combo – You can get with this…

Font/Color Combo - You can get with this | www.trinidadpena.com

I think you’ll get with this, cuz this is where it’s at – Tweet it out yo!

Today’s font/color combo is a 90’s flashback. I know you remember, Black Sheep! But just in case you are pretending that you are too young to remember, here’s a little reminder.

Let’s talk about this combo.

It’s a two-fer! With lyrics like this, I had to double up on the combos.

First up is the “You can get with this,” it’s a rock-star, risk-taker font combo. The thin san-serif font (what’s a san-serif font?) is Avenir Next. It’s sleek, contemporary and sexy. The thicker font is Anton. Not to be outdone by it’s waif-like companion, this font is bold and hits you like mack truck. It’s a risk-taker color combo too! No neutrals here. That yellow shows up like BOOM and screams: Notice me, read me, love me!

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Color Palette: Vogue

Color Palette

I came across this color palette while on Coco + Kelly and it was love at first sight. The mix of jewel tones and pastels are perfect for a BFF brand personality. It’s a stunner! These colors do a great job of feeling upscale while remaining approachable. PLUS, IT’S FREAKING VOGUE! I mean come on. You can’t go wrong. You could also follow Cassandra’s advice and use the palette when packing for a long trip. Sticking to a color palette is a great idea when your boyfriend insists that you pack light because it allows you to pack less shoes and accessories, since everything will go with each other. This color palette is win/win/win.

Pssst, Ever see an image and want to know what the hex number of the color is so that you can incorporate it into your blog? Just upload it here and you’ll be in the know. Want to find your brand personality? Gotcha covered there too!

(Image Source: Coco + Kelly)