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Facebook 101: Adding Social Media Feeds

How to add social media feeds to your facebook page

I recently added social media feeds to my facebook page because… well, I’m a fancy pants. You wanna know how it’s done? Of course you do. No problem. It’s really easy.

Adding Apps

You just have to add some apps to your facebook page. Click the links below, select which page you want to install the app on, and fill-in the info. That’s all she wrote. Social media feeds added! Seriously!

Custom Buttons

This is optional but since I’m all about branding, I created custom buttons for my social media feeds that match the look and feel of my site. I used photoshop CS6 but if you don’t have that, try the more affordable photoshop elements or even picmonkey for free. Just crop an image down to 111 x 74 px and use the same colors and fonts as your site.

To upload your new button

  1. Go your facebook page
  2. Click on “edit page” and “update info” at the top of the page
  3. In the sidebar go to “Apps.” Clicky, click!
  4. Click on “edit settings”
  5. Go to where it says “Custom Tab Image” and click change
  6. Upload your button

Move if ya wanna

Another thing you can do is change the order of the buttons. On your facebook page, click on the little boxed number + triangle that appears at the right of your currently displayed button. Now, you can hover over an app’s button and click the pencil icon that is in the upper right. Swap positions and move your apps until they fill you with joy. Please note: you can’t change or move the photos button.

That’s it. Now you are a fancy pants too!


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  1. Thank you so much!! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now (though not aggressively), and this is perfect. I didn’t do anything custom — maybe one day. My FB page isn’t hugely popular or anything, so I don’t think folks will care. 😉

    Again, thanks for the helpful post.
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