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Just my Type – Playfair Display

Just my type

Drum roll, please! I’m excited to introduce a new design column on one of my favorite subjects typography called “Just my type”. As a designer, typography is one of my first loves and I’m eager to show you how your choice of typeface can really set the personality for your brand. I’m using google web fonts for this series, which means they are free and you can use them online without any trouble. Now onto the font.

Playfair Display in action

How to Brand Yourself Using Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a classic-looking serif font (Don’t know the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts? I have your back!). It takes some cues from old world fonts like Garmond and Times New Roman. This font is great for blogs and small businesses that want to give off a timeless vibe (as opposed to trendy or cutting edge). When used with a classic color scheme it evokes a sense of reliability, steadfastness and trustworthiness. It also is great for when you want to achieve a high-end look. Lots of luxury brands use classic serif fonts! Playfair Display pairs well with very linear sans-serif fonts like Helvetica Neue or Open Sans (another google font), which I used in the post.

The Font : Playfair Display
Number of Styles : 2
Classification : Serif
Go get it : Google Web Fonts, search for Playfair
Image : StraySouls

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