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How to Brand Yourself – Site Launch!

How to brand yourself

I’ve been hard at work over the past 2 months creating something pretty damn special. Today I’m launching a new site called  How to brand yourself for creatives and bloggers. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to create a community of creatives and entrepreneurs who love the hell out of what they do for a living. This is my first step towards that goal. Proper branding and marketing is crucial to success, so I created a resource that helps people rock out their blogs and marketing materials with style and panache.

Head over if you wanna:

  • Learn the basic elements of branding
  • Learn how to find your brand personality
  • Get a few actionable steps you can take, RIGHT NOW to up-level your marketing

If that sounds like something you are into, go there now. Check it out and let me know what you think. Additionally, I’ll be updating this blog with features geared toward your specific brand personalities. Plus, I’m creating a workbook and live events that will go deeper, and allow you to take your passion projects and turn them into full-fledged businesses. It’s awesome when work feels like play. Let’s make our dreams come true.


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