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Hourly Rate Calculator – A Tool for Freelancers

 FreelanceSwitch's Hourly Rate Calculator

Setting your hourly rate is a daunting task for many freelancers but once again, the internet comes to the rescue! This time in the form of freelanceswitch’s handy hourly rate calculator.

Let’s get calculating!

This nifty rate calculator takes into consideration your:

  • business costs
  • personal costs
  • how many hours you can bill
  • how much profit you’d like to make

It then tells you what your ideal hourly rate is and the rate you need to charge just to break even. You still need to consider what the going rate is in your neck of the woods and how much experience you have, but this is a GREAT starting point.

Once you know what your hourly rate is, it’s easy to create packages for your services simply by estimating how long they will take. Plug in the numbers into your custom contract and you are officially in business. Happy calculating!

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