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Currently Digging – Feb 2013

Currently Digging | www.trinidadpena.com

Let’s get to know each other shall we? Here’s what I’m currently digging. What about you?

Listening to: I asked my facebook friends for their favorite love songs on Valentine’s Day and boy did they deliver! I’ve been listening to my Let me count the ways playlist on Spotfiy ever since. It’s a fun eclectic mix! There’s everything from Method Man + Mary J Blige to the Postal ServiceI even threw in a little 80s goodness.

Bookmarked: I’m a Jezzie through and through. For me Jezebel is required daily reading. Some of my favorite articles as of late have been: The article on the Package tour that will forever live in infamy, The one on Elizabeth Warren (heart her), and I love when they get straight to the point like in the article Cut the shit and vaccinate your kid. Half the fun is in the comments, so make sure you give them a gander. My fellow Jezzies are whip-smart, witty and they don’t mess around.

Loving:  This polka dot wrapping paper DIY from the House that Lars Built. It’s so cute and easy. Friends and family, your gifts will be spotted. Prepare yourselves.

BFF in my head: Olivia Pope. Everyone is obsessed with Scandal myself included. Liv seems to be able to fix everyone’s problems but her own. I can relate. Scandal is filled with lessons we should heed. I wrote a post on The Budget Socialite on this very topic. Check it out.


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