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Mood board: Look at the Bright Side

Mood board - Look at the bright side | wwwt.trinidadpena.com

This is a mood board outtake. The client decided to go in another (and equally awesome) direction. I can’t wait to show you that branding project. It’s killer. But it’s a story for another day,  today let’s talk about this mood board.

It’s a show stopper

The colors make it  bright and fun, but the white space keeps it sophisticated. It says “I do my own thing”. It makes me feel kinda like this.

This look and feel is perfect for a risk-taker brand personality. It’s meant to have a really clean design with bold (electric) pops of color. If you are a little avant garde, have a bold personality and like to make a statement, then this look is for you. I could see this fitting a fashion designer or no-nonsense life coach perfectly. This is for someone that you can’t help but notice.

Want to see more mood boards? Want to find your brand personality?. Looking for ideas for your BFF or Authority Personality? I got you.

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Mood Board: Bold, Fun + Feminine

Wonder Curl Mood Board

Ever see images and say to yourself, I want that to be my life? Well, this mood board I created for Wonder Curl did it for me. This brand is all about embracing your natural curls and empowering your fun, feminine side. Two things that I can really get behind!

It’s all in the details

Scarlett Rocourt, the creator and owner of Wonder Curl has a killer aesthetic and a fun personality. This business is her baby, and we made her personality shine through. Brands like Anthropologie and Kate Spade helped to inspire this look + I took cues fun stripes, swirly typography and damask patterns.  Wanna see how the look turned out? Glad you asked.

{Side note: Don’t you just want to take a bite out of that ombre icing.}

Image Sources: Left to right- hairspiration | brunchatsaks | zsazsabellagio | www.vixen-vintage | typeverything.com | www.katespade.com | anthropologie.com


Mood Board: My New Branding

Trinidad Pena's new branding mood board

I’m smack in the middle of re-branding myself from ID Graphics to Trinidad Pena, Branding + Design and I’m super excited about this change. The first step for me, in any project is to create a mood board and I thought I would share mine, along with the process.

The Process

Collecting inspiration for a mood board used to be a more arduous task but then pinterest came along and made it easy! These boards are a great design launching pad, and an integral part of my design process.

Creating one goes a little something like this:

  • The client and I chat (this time it’s me!) and they fill out a short questionnaire
  • They create a pinterest board of anything that has the look and feel they want.
  • Using the board and questionnaire, I create the mood board

I use not only their images but some of my own, to make sure that we are all on the same page. I then build upon it using color swatches, typography and patterns. I send it off for approval, and we chat and tweak until it is just right. Then I can begin a design.

My Vision

For my branding, I knew from the get-go that I was looking to do a neutral color palette with one strong stand-out color. I figured this would be a nice backdrop to showcase my designs, without it getting too busy. It was easy to see from my pins, that I was really into circles, stripes and the color teal. The circles turned into my logo shape, the stripes into my background and teal, the stand out color. You can see how this board translated into the design for my logo, this blog design and my brand spanking, new portfolio site.

(Sources: via Pinterest Board)